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Welcome to Kalaanjhari

‘KALA’ (Arts) & ‘JHARI’ (Flow), KALAANJHARI , makes an Symphony of Music & Dance, joining the River of Arts & Culture of India.

"KALAANJHARI" is a Division of "ALLIED BUSINESS CONSULTING & DEVELOPMENT" where more focus of Arts & Culture are given globally.

We are committed to enter into every heart – with the ‘Sound’ of Music, ‘Bhangimas’ of Dance and ‘Flow’ of Art. We assure you the Experience of the rich treasures of Classical Indian Arts with evolved Music traditions. KALAANJHARI – a thriving center of Indian classical Music, Dance and Arts . KALAANJHARI is determined to Mentor, Teach, Promote, Curate , Create & Host the Classical / Non Classical Music, Arts and Regional Traditional performances and programs

KALAANJHARI have multiple courses for different ages , from Seniors to Juniors, from Professionals to Beginners. Music has got NO Age bar.

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KALAANJHARI provides end to end Mentoring on Instruments

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