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KALAANJHARI provides end to end Mentoring on Instruments too. We leave it to students choice to pickup the Instruments as per their convenience .

We teach below Instruements by Reputed Gurus


The tabla is a pair of twin hand drums from the Indian subcontinent. ... The name tabla likely comes from tabl, the Persian and Arabic word for drum. The ultimate origin of the musical instrument is contested by scholars, though some trace its evolution from indigenous musical instruments of the Indian subcontinent. The tabla is the most commonly played drum set in North Indian music. It is the instrument most frequently used to accompany vocal and instrumental music, and dance; whereas its primary function is to maintain the metric cycle in which the compositions are set.

his course will teach you the fundamentals of the traditional Indian drum, Tabla.

Traditionally this knowledge was only attained by studying with a guru. Now we are bringing the guru to your fingertips, to get you playing in weeks, not years.

Tabla is played in Solo or Accompaniment to singers of Classical, Bollywood, Ghazal, Bhajans, Qawaalis and more.. The curriculum is structured into 3 sections to build upon your knowledge at each step.

  • Get to know tabla
  • Basic Sounds
  • Strength Building Exercises

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone with a keen interest in Indian Music
  • Someone looking for a new challenge
  • Someone who has had no experience with Tabla
  • Percussionists who want to broaden their rhythmic understanding


the name Veena is of Indian (Sanskrit) origin and means "Moonlight".

The veena is among the oldest of Indian musical instruments. From the references to Vedic writings, it can date back to around the first millennium B.C. Temple sculptures from the 2nd century B.C. show a type of veena being played.

The highly experienced Veena musicians, qualified Veena playing instructors, Veena instrumental music talent training experts across globe the kids, children and young adults Veena playing trainers, noted instrumental musicians, Indian Veena Gurus and Veena training experts teach the energetic and lively art and technique of perfect Veena playing.

Students are requested to buy their own Instruments, and get ready for Online Classes at the earliest.

Mrudangam / Drums

The word "Mridangam" is Sandhi or union of the two Sanskrit words mŗt (clay or earth) and anga (limb), as early Mridangam were made of hardened clay.

Ancient Hindu sculpture, painting, and mythology, The mridangam is one of the oldest Indian percussion instruments, originating at least 2,000 years ago. The two-headed drum is popular in both Carnatic classical musical from South India and Hindustani classical music from the north. the mridangam is often depicted as the instrument of choice for a number of deities including Ganesha (the remover of obstacles) and Nandi, who is the vehicle and follower of Shiva. Nandi is said to have played the mridangam during Shiva's primordial tandava dance, causing a divine rhythm to resound across the heavens. The mridangam is thus also known as "deva vaadyam," or "Divine Instrument"

Training lessons from best Mridangam Gurus, top rated Mridangam teachers in India for learning to play Mridangam musical instrument. The flexible online music classes with Mridangam playing online instrumental music lessons facilitated online is the best option for learning Indian Mridangam at home, offering affordability and convenience to the Mridangam instrumental music students all over the world.


The violin has evolved to become the principal accompaniment for Carnatic music, and is believed to have been introduced into the Indian tradition by Baluswamy Dikshitar, brother of Muthuswamy Dikshitar (one of the Trinity of Carnatic music composers).this course is for violin students from the beginner through the high level. Our goal is for students to foster a healthy and long-term relationship with their instrument. The course focuses on practicing and truly understanding technique, with an emphasis on listening. Weekly assignments tend to include technical exercises, scales, and classical pieces of the student's choice. Basic improvisation is also an interest of us.

Technique Lessons covering:

  • correct postures
  • developing great tone
  • slurred bow
  • playing in tune
  • keeping the bow straight
  • how to not squeeze the neck
  • Exercises on open strings to learn how to produce a high quality tone from the beginning
  • Wide variety of easy pieces with play-along accompaniments
  • The ability to slow down accompaniments to make practice more efficient
  • Basic note reading lessons (we also have a separate comprehensive Note-Reading Course
  • Basic one octave scales in different keys
  • Engaging etudes for every stage of beginning playing
  • Help you work through plateaus and take your technique to a level of polish and professionalism.
  • Eradicate bad habits that are hindering progress.
  • Learn to add nuance and sophistication to your playing.
  • Improve the quality of your Practicing
  • Give you exposure to the world's greatest violin repertoire


These are keyboard lessons in which you learn to read and play the melody notes in your right hand and in the left hand you learn to play “one-finger chords” (which are sometimes referred to as “single-finger chords” or “Casio chords”) while reading chord symbols for the left hand on the sheet music.

The downside to this type of lessons is that you are not learning to read or play left hand notes properly, so you will be very limited in the kinds of songs you will be able to play. Also, you cannot just use any standard MIDI keyboard with these lessons. Typically you'll need a Casio brand keyboard with the 'Casio' chord feature. So, not only do we not recommend this kind of keyboard lesson, even if you are considering this approach, you may need to buy a different keyboard. KALAANJHARI ,will teach students Online Keyboard Classes and students are expected to have any brand Keyboard as a Beginner

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