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( Singer, Music Director, Mentor for Indian idols & Reality Show Singers, Mentor for majority of Film Industry Singers, Music Composer & Lyricist )

Komanduri Ramachary is an Indian Playback Singer, Music Composer and Music Mentor who predominantly works in Telugu films and also responsible for giving quality Singers to Bollywood Tollywood Industry. Sri Ramachary garu being a Mentor , trained, more than 4000 students aprox. His first film as Music Director was PremaLekha Raasa. SP Balasubramanyam, a renowned playback singer in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi cinema has been a guide and inspiration to Ramachari garu. He has been a Mentor for many reality shows on various T.V channels. Under the mentorship, coaching and able guidance of Ramachary, he Recognises talent, provide training in light music (Film songs, geet, ghazals, group songs, patriotic songs etc.), light classical music (Annamacharya, Purandharadas and Ramadasa keertanalu etc.).

It provides nuances and techniques of singing like breath management, voice modulation, emoting etc. while keeping shruthi and laya in mind. Students also learn techniques like body language, holding mikes, voice throwing etc. through real time exposure to stage and recording studios. Most of his students have become professional playback singers and channel stars. He is a Founder of Little Musicians Academy, established in the year 1998 imparting free training, guiding & promoting talented children and youngsters in music (free of cost) with the motto of peace and international brotherhood through music.

Performed all over India & Abroad in countries, including America, Australia, Kuwait & Dubai. He has won many National Awards like Andhra Pradesh State government NANDI Award, Delhi Telugu Academy Award, Vamsee International Award, and Kalaradhana Award. 



( Kathak Exponent , Choreographer, Music Composer, Educationalist )

Tribhuwan Maharaj is a young Dancer, Music Composer and Dance Choreographer of the present generation. He represents the ninth generation in the lineage of the legendary KALKA-BINDADIN GHARANA OF LUCKNOW.

He has performed innumerable times in India and abroad. His performances include Varshik Utsav of Birju Maharaj Parampara, Vasant Utsav organised by Kalashram, Kathak Mahotsava organized by Kathak Kendra, Opening ceremony of Commonwealth Games 2010, Opening ceremony of the Silk Road in Xi'an and Nanning (China), Performances organised by Centre Mandapa (Paris), BRICS summit, Bhaskar Rao Nritya Sangeet Sammelan in Chandigarh, Nishagandhi Festival in Trivandrum, Purush Festival in Chennai, Monsoon Dance and Music Festival in Thrissur, Kalachhaya in Pune, Kathak Utsav organised by Jodhpur Sangeet Natak Akademi, Sankat Mochan Festival in Benaras to name a few. Recently, he accompanied his grandfather Pt. Birju Maharaj to the United States of America where he performed in the Palace of Fine Arts (San Francisco) and The O’Shaughnessy (Minneapolis). He also had the honour to be present in a ‘Chaugalbandi’ with Ustad Zakir Hussain, Pt. Deepak Maharaj, Sushri Mamta Maharaj and the lengend Pt. Birju Maharaj himself.


His expertise also touches the collaboration of musical instruments. The music, contemporary in its flow, modern in its essence has carved a niche for itself. The music he composes is unique not just in the kathak circuit but beyond that. He has arranged the music for ‘Poorvaraag’, ‘Swar Bhav Rang’, ‘Maharaas’, ‘Meeradha’, ‘Malhar’, ‘Virasat’ and ‘Namah’ which are elaborate dance-dramas conceptualized by Pt. Jai Kishan Maharaj.





"Padma Bhushan" GURU Sri Dr.VEMPATI CHINNA SATYAM garu Family

( Kuchipudi Guru, Profounder of Dance , Maestro , Dance Composer, Dance Director , Film Industry Dance Director )

Padma Bhushan Guru Sri Dr. VempatiChinna Satyam garu, is a Indian Profounder of KUCHIPUDI DANCE IN KUCHIPUDI town of Andhra Pradesh .Gurugaru, unique Dance compostions and as well the Art in him to excel in the field and today World knows KUCHIPUDI DANCE because of his excellence in delivering . he also Train the Students professionally and Worldwide today his Disciples are ruling the KUCHIPUDI world.

Chinna Satyam was born in Kuchipudi, Andhra Pradesh. He was taught by Vedantam Lakshmi Narayana Sastry. He then refined his art by learning from Sri TadepallyPerrayyaSastry and later was trained by his elder brother Sri VempatiPedda Satyam in expressions. As he learnt the nuances of this style of dance, he was successful in popularising the Kuchipudi dance form all over the world.




( Kuchipudi Guru, Head of Kuchipudi Art Academy, Maestro , Dance Composer, Dance Director, Guru for Academy Students)

To the hundreds of disciples of Guru DrVempatiChinna Satyam, the measure of real success is to be favored with that almost imperceptible nod of approval by the master, a recognition that is worth a thousand accolades. But while all strive, only a few succeed.

MrsSrimayiVempati (elder daughter-in-law of DrVempatiChinna Satyam) belongs to this select group. Srimayi (daughter of Late Birendra Mohan Dey Sarkar and SmtNanditaDey Sarkar), an Arts graduate from Calcutta University, started her dance career at the young age of 6 under MrsThankamaniKutty of Kolkata. Initially, she was trained in Bharatanatyam style for 12 years. She participated in the Dance Competitions and won first prize in the “West Bengal Youth Festival in 1989” and “West Bengal RashtriyaSangeetAkademi in 1992”. She had her Arrangetram in Bharatanatyam in the year 1993. She later joined the Kuchipudi Art Academy, Chennai in the year 1994; Ten years of rigorous training saw her blossom into an artiste of technical and emotive excellence. With an inborn passion for the Kuchipudi art form, Srimayiis a dancer whose graceful movements, rhythm and sensitive abhinaya are a delight to watch.

The performances of Srimayi are marked by empathy and elegance complemented by delicacy and warmth of aesthetic communication. Srimayi has won the hearts of connoisseurs with her compelling stage presence, classical artistry and subtle nuances of expression.

Her technique has the alchemy of an inner maturity reflected in all movements. To Srimayi dance is her life, “Dance is the pulse, the heartbeat, the breathe and the rhythm of life.”

In the year 2003, she got married to the elder son (MrVenkatVempati) of her guru Dr. VempatiChinna Satyam and is today blessed with a daughter and a son. She continues her dance career under her guru/Father in Law. She was made assistant dance instructor in the Kuchipudi Art Academy, Chennai in the year 2004. In the year 2010, she was made the chief dance Instructor of the Kuchipudi Art Academy, Chennai by her guru.

Srimayi toured all over India and delighted audiences in USA, France, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia. As a solo artist, she performed in all the major dance festivals in India and abroad. Among her several performances the major are, Khajuraho Festival, Konark Festival, Festivals of The Central SangeetNatakAkademi at Hyderabad, New Delhi, Chennai, Imphal, Music Academy and Krishna Gana Sabha, Chennai KuchipudiMahotsav Bombay, Surya Festival, Trivandrum, SwathiTirunal Festivals, Trivandrum continuously for 5 years, Siddhendra Yogi Mahotsav 2006, 2007 & 2009 and The Festivals conducted by I.C.C.R. Other festivals include Nada Brahma Festival, Hyderabad, Guru ParamparaKuchipudi Festival, Chennai, Solo performance at Naraneerajanam, Tirumala, Tirupati, Natyanjali Dance Festival in Nagapatnam, Tiruvarur, Kombakonam, Mayavaram, Thanjavur, Mailattidurai, and the main show at Chidambaram on shivaratri day, “CHANDALIKA” “NrityaNatya”Rabindranath Tagore ‘s 150th Birth anniversary Celebrations by SangeetNatakAkademi 26-30 Sept 2011, New Delhi, Sri Krishna Parijatham for All India Radio, Chennai, Puthur festival Thrissur, Kerala, Sri Krishna University, Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh, Solo for ICCR, Bangalore, Solo dance Festival for South Zone Cultural Centre, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, Veda Vysa Dance Festival, Rourkela, Orissia, Puri Beach Festival in 2012, Orissia, Kinkini Festival in 2013, Bangalore, Solo in Khajuraho Dance Festival in 2013, Solo Brahostvam ISKCON, Bangalore in 2013, She was specially invited for Kuchipudi for the first time to choreograph and present “Ashtapadi” at the prestigious Ashtapadi Dance Festival in New Delhi in 2013.

She participated in lead roles in 12 Dance Dramas Choreographed by Guru Vempati such as “Sri Krishna Parijatham” “Rukmini Kalyanam” “Ramayanam” ‘KsheeraSagaraMadanam” “Haravilasam” “ SrinivasaKalyanam” “ArdhaNareeswaram” “AbhignyanaSakuntalam” “ Sri PadaParijatham” “Kirataarjuneeyam” “Chandalika” “Gopika Krishna” and Vempati Ravi Shankar’s “Nava Durga” and Leela Ganapathi. She has toured abroad along with her guru Vempati, participating in a 50 city USA tour in 1998, Singapore 2000, 40-city tour of the USA in 2000, International Dance Festival 2001 in France called “Paris, Quartier D’ete 2001”, KuchipudiGlobetrot 2004 a world tour covering 50 cities USA, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore. She has trained all the artists for 3 dance dramas aboard the NrutyaSravanti 2019 (a 50 city tour of the USA) and Vempati’sSmrutiYatra.

She had conducted training camps in the nuances of Kuchipudi dance for East Zone Cultural Center, Kolkata in 2007. She started conducted regular training camps in Kolkata since June 2009 directly under the banner of Kuchipudi Art Academy, Chennai. Nationally acclaimed Dance festival “Siddhendra Yogi Mahotsav 2009”, she conducted a special teachers Training camp (refreshing course) for one week. For the first time in Kuchipudi history, during the same festival, she presented AstavidhaNayakas in all the 7 days of the seminar (Morning session). She had conducted a Special Summer Workshop in Chennai, Rourkela, and Kolkata in 2013. She collaborated with organisers of 2nd and 3rd International Kuchipudi Dance convention in Hyderabad by creating and guiding practice videos to be presented by 1000s of students across the globe. The above convention went on to create a Guinness book of world records.

Recently she was awarded “KuchipudiMoukthikam” in recognition of her contribution in promoting Kuchipudi Dance by Kuchipudi Art Academy Chennai.

Behind every dancer is the story of a mother's dream, a teacher's vision, a dancer's dedication and a community of well-wishers. Srimayi’s devotion to this art of Kuchipudi and her unswerving dedication is bound to win further laurels.

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