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Welcome to KALAANJHARI ! ….the Temple of Arts !...

‘KALA’ (Arts) & ‘JHARI’ (Flow), KALAANJHARI , makes an Symphony of Music & Dance, joining the River of Arts & Culture of India."KALAANJHARI" is a Division of "ALLIED BUSINESS CONSULTING & DEVELOPMENT" where more focus of Arts & Culture are given globally. We are committed to enter into every heart – with the ‘Sound’ of Music, ‘Bhangimas’ of Dance and ‘Flow’ of Art. We assure you the Experience of the rich treasures of Classical Indian Arts with evolved Music traditions. KALAANJHARI – a thriving center of Indian classical Music, Dance and Arts . KALAANJHARI is determined to Mentor, Teach, Promote, Curate , Create & Host the Classical / Non Classical Music, Arts and Regional Traditional performances and programs KALAANJHARI have multiple courses for different ages , from Seniors" to Juniors, from Professionals to Beginners. Music has got NO Age bar. You are most welcome to be a part of KALAANJHARI to appreciate and imbibe Music, art and mix with like-minded people, for an appreciative audience is indeed the biggest incentive to perform.

We organize Online Music Mentoring & Workshop sessions, that features Top Artistes& Industry Gurus from all over the World and provides an in-depth knowledge and share experience oriented sessions. All through the year, we also organizeConcerts, Shows, Events, Workshop, Lecturedemonstrations and Master classes that are open to all Registered Participants.

KALAANJHARI was founded by anEntrepreneur &Visionary who strongly believe in laying “Next Generation Foundation” for those youngsters who are trying to bridge the gap between Modern & Traditional Arts& Culture. Culture is an intangible glue that binds and holds people together, and collective artistic pursuits with collaborative works – forms that great multicultural society. We work with many Partner organizations, and we welcome institutions, schools, groups with similar interest to come and explore collaboration with us.

At KALAANJHARI , all Individual Students/Participants mind tunes your emotions, calms your psyche giving a relief in life and activates creativity KALAANJHARI ,Welcomes you to go thru our Services, drop us a line of your Interest, to Learn, Listen, Perform and enter into “the Temple of Arts”

Our Vision

KALAANJHARI to become a stepping stone for success of every Individual, who is a Lover of Art & Culture

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